ODEM Declares Successful Activation Of Blockchain-Based Ethereum Smart Contract

ODEM recently announced the successful activation of Ethereum (ETH) smart contract based on the blockchain. It is credited to be the first in the blockchain space to create On-Demand Education Marketplace in the world. The smart contract will support the original ODEM platform.

The deployment of the contract was completed at the live #SWITCH! Conference in Vilnius Lithuania by the Chief Technology Mentor of ODEM, Dr. Adel ElMessiry. Most of the attendees were students who watched as the representative from Lithuania to the Parliament of Europe; Antanas Guoga was presented with the first educational certificate based on blockchain by the platform of ODEM.

At the event, Dr. ElMessiry stated that the activation is a powerful way to endorse the technical viability of ODEM’s project and that he is pleased with whatever progress his company has made towards making the dream of ODEM platform turn into reality. This deployment of blockchain-based smart contracts is one of the important milestone achievements of ODEM which is trying to activate its platform fully by the next year.

The activation of the Ethereum smart contract is the final step in the direction of testing interaction in between the Ethereum Blockchain and InterPlanetary Filing System (IPFS). Some other accomplishments of ODEM include decentralized application (DApp) auditing, third-party testing, ODEM cloud integration, and more, says Cision PR Newswire.

The main focus of ODEM is to use smart contracts and blockchain for addressing the obstacles students across the world are facing to acquire education. Together blockchain and underlying encryption systems on which Bitcoin and Ethereum work are redefining the way public at large are thinking about education, says Cision.

Through Ethereum smart contract, ODEM aims to provide affordable, portable, accessible, and verifiable education. The platform of ODEM will deliver online, in-person, academically blended programs. The platform will start delivering these programs from early 2019 and will also provide blockchain-based certificates to those students who have successfully completed it.

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