Nobel Peace For Dennis Rodman: How Donald Trump’s Meeting With North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Affects PotCoin

Dennis Rodman, American retired professional basketball player was spotted at Changi International Airport sporting Potcoin t-shirt.  Potcoin is an extremely popular peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. The USP of this cryptocurrency is that it aims to become the standard payment mode for the legalized cannabis industry. The idea behind is to make the deals more transparent, easy and cheaper unlike the traditional commerce.

Dennis Rodman arrived Singapore ahead of the iconic Trump-Kim summit. US President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong-un have come together at this platform after months of negotiations. Also, the basketball player turned diplomat is said to be on good terms with both leaders. Even though he was not invited on the summit formally he made his presence felt.

Rodman not only made a breaking appearance but extended his support for the cryptocurrency Potcoin. His attire flaunted a blunt and remarkable support towards potcoin that stated “peace starts in Singapore”. Also, it is mentioned that his trip has been sponsored by Potcoin itself, which was later confirmed by Rodman on his twitter handle.

Dennis Rodman & Poitcoin connection?

Rodman is the unofficial face of Potcoin and has been promoting it for quite some time. His last year’s trip to North Korea was also sponsored by them. He along with his associates was spotted wearing Potcoin t-shirts and hats in Pyongyang.

Dennis Rodman is definitely going to make a huge impact on the crypto market in the recent times. It is alleged that the business is going to take a huge leap as it goes more popular in the coming days. The entire market capitalization of Potcoin is over $17m (£12.7m) and a single unit would cost just 7 cents (5p).


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