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No Hurry To Bring 5G Technology In India Without Specific Use Cases

The leading telecom operator Vodafone Idea believes that the introduction of 5G technology in India can wait for some more time. The 4G spectrum is more than adequate for most of the customers and the Internet of Things services in the near term.

Vishant Vora, chief technology officer at Vodafone Idea, stated that the most appropriate time to hold an auction for 5G spectrum will be somewhere after 2020. There is a need to develop specific use-cases and this planning requires time. The usage of 5G will make sense when it is used in the right places.

The government is ready to roll out 5G in tandem with the global markets to keep up with the global developments. Whereas, Vodafone Idea has been calling on the government to fix the health of the telecom sector in the interim.

Vodafone Idea is merging the two networks and aims to exit more than 90,000 websites to cut down on duplication and simultaneously reduce operational expenditure and capital. Vora commented that they want to deliver the benefits to the shareholders and customers. He also added that the ongoing issue with the tower companies over site exit charges is not going in the way to achieve network synergies, as published on The Economic Times.

The 5G technology in India doesn’t have any specific use cases. It is used in a few cases like Virtual Reality (VR), high definition gaming or remote surgery, as these use cases require low latency and high throughput. “For these services, yes, you may need some spectrum, but they are still not the bulk of IoT services,” Vora said. Most of the world will go for 5G services only by 2021-22.

The chances for 3G to phase is high compared to 2G as it still has some life left because it has a large base installed in India. Customers are satisfied with 2G and a lot of IoT machines were originally done on 2G and GPRS.

On a similar note, Samsung launched its first 5G-ready smartphone in form of Galaxy S10 5G at the ‘Galaxy Unpacked 2019’ event in San Francisco. Samsung claims to offer fastest Gigabit LTE in its regular Galaxy S10 models with 5G support. Samsung claims to break all speed barriers for mobile internet, as mentioned on The Times of India.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G isn’t available in India as the 5G technology is yet to arrive in the next five years. Not all the variants of Galaxy S10 series are 5G compatible.

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