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New ICO Platform from BlueOcean Ventures II To Help Cryptocurrency Investors

The first medtech cryptocurrency fund, BlueOcean Ventures II revealed the launch of its ICO platform called SwissVCToken. The platform will be dedicated to selling its BOV Token.

A new ICO platform called SwissVCToken has been announced by BlueOcean Ventures II, which will be used for the sale of its tokens. The VC fund invests in life science startups and medical devices with an intention to allow a steady flow of innovations to make the world a more comfortable and healthier place.

The medtech space is developing a virtual way to monitor, treat, and diagnose different kinds of health issues, which have an effect on the world’s population. Medtech companies and startup companies have launched products that have led to timely treatment methods for the society in general and have also helped to prevent diseases via modern testing.

Incidentally, BlueOcean Ventures II concentrated on investments in diagnostic companies situated in Europe and Switzerland, medical devices, and startup businesses in the field of nanotechnology, digital health, and life sciences. Through its ICO platform, the medtech cryptocurrency fund wants to sell its token called BOV, which is based on the portfolio companies’ value and is backed by physical assets.

It has invested in 5 promising startup businesses as on date. Its BOV Token will enable accredited and qualified investors to get profits from the portfolio companies of BlueOcean Venture II indirectly, as reported on CryptoNinjas.

Most Virtual Token Values Are Less Than ICOs Raised By Startups

According to a recent report, over 2/3rd of the crypto tokens which were distributed via Initial Coin Offerings are currently at a lower value than those startup businesses, which issued them through the crowdfunding sales.

Diar, a cryptocurrency research firm, published a compiled report that mentioned 562 ICO tokens have collectively lost about 5 billion USD as compared to their values during their sale period. Around 70 percent of the tokens are incurring losses, according to CCN.

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