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New ICO From Y Ventures With ERC Crypto To Be Launched

New ICO from Y Ventures With ERC Crypto will be Singapore’s first public firm to launch ICO. This is a big development as it would encourage many other companies to launch ICO. Y Venture ICO will give $50 mn of investment to the company.

A decision to launch ICO comes after the company which went public on the Singapore Stock Exchange last year. Y Venture is an e-commerce company which plans to integrate the blockchain technology. They plan to become one of the first e-commerce to have a blockchain platform in Singapore. They believe that blockchain is the future for e-commerce. The opportunities this technology offers will set the robust platform. It will not only help users to find their preferred items but will also make the whole process of paying a lot more convenient.

This new ICO along with ERC Crypto will ensure that the company attracts a number of investors. ICO is one of the most preferred modes of investment for investors. Furthermore, it is one of the convenient and easiest ways to support a company. With the help of ICO, Y-Ventures hopes to have a bigger pool of investors to attract. It will provide them with a chance to take their platform worldwide, as well as create a name for themselves.

New ICO from Y-Ventures will not only launch their crypto but will also give them a chance to grow. There plans to make a robust blockchain platform which will go a long way if proper funding is received. The company will sell its token which will let users buy products from any online store.

According to the report published in Money Control, the company will also accept other common cryptos on its platform. Considering this is the first private firm to launch its ICO in Singapore, it would be interesting to see what response it receives from investors.

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