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New Blockchain Platform’s Upcoming ICO To Support Football Players

Bitcademy, a new Blockchain-based platform, is all set to launch an ICO within a few months. The aim of this upcoming Initial Coin Offering is to support upcoming and fresh football talents.

The platform likes to be known as one of the virtual marketplaces equipped with sophisticated training facilities for budding and young talents. It will be empowering as well as assisting young soccer players to fulfill their dreams through its solution, which is backed by Blockchain.

The ecosystem is built on Ethereum and investors can hold rights or trade on individual players. On the other hand, those football players will also get valuable exposure to clubs and agents. Plus, items such as education and equipment will be financed by the market too.

There will be a global lease of sports facilities to be used for training. Additionally, funds gathered through the new ICO by the Blockchain platform will be utilized for transformation and development of the properties.

The decentralized technology will be used for facilitating the funds along with different types of cryptocurrencies. The Bitcademy offerings will also include player predictions, skill measurement tools, and Artificial Intelligence.

Other important features such as accelerometers, GPS systems, progress tracking with the aid of heart rate monitors, and player development will be also supported by the Blockchain. The company will release a variety of token models including silver ones for individual players and gold tokens to sponsor children, iNVEZZ reported.

Bitcademy Wants To Promote Young Football Players

The company realizes that many youths face certain prohibitive issues in some developing nations that are deterrents to showcase their football playing talents, according to European Gaming. Today, modern football is dominated by sponsorships worth multi-billion dollars and big companies in developed countries where the scenario is just the reverse.

The Blockchain platform wants to use their new ICO to develop an ecosystem to help the talented but underprivileged players achieve their aspirations. The initiative can have a positive impact on the potential and skills of such players.

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