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New Blockchain Future Capital Is At Europe’s Business Centre Berlin

The blockchain future lies in the German capital Berlin which is embracing the emerging technology like never before. It is said to be one of the fastest growing blockchain hubs in the world and also remains a prime center for the development of cryptocurrency based systems. The recently happened Longhash Crypto Festival brought the crypto and blockchain enthusiasts from the worked together at a common platform.

The Longhash Crypto Festival held at Berlin took place from October 26 and October 29. The main objective of this event was to promote innovation and attract the developer, programmers, and participants from all Europe, Asia, and the United States. The participants of the event went on to complete a series of creating an application that enables a secured storage facility for cryptocurrency aka a private key. Also, they were given a task to create a unique cold wallet for storage of crypto coins.

Participant Diana Rees who is a CEO at a Berlin-based company zkSystems stated that the competition was a wonderful example of collaborative team spirit and technical understanding. Another co-founder of a New York-based company Longhash mentioned that Berlin is having one of the most vibrant crypto communities in entire Europe, as they are focusing so much on the blockchain future as mentioned by DW.

Why Berlin?

Germany’s commercial capital Berlin has surfaced as one of the leading crypto capital in Europe. The city has emerged as a hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency developers in the past couple of years as the crypto trade gained success in the international market. Back in 2013, southern Berlin district of Kreuzberg came in news for using digital currency Bitcoin being accepted in the shops. The alternative payment system fits well with the rebellious mindset of the region as mentioned by Bitcoinist.

The blockchain future has led to the opening of growing number of start-up companies and crypto meetups in the German capital.

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