New Blockchain-Based Project To Curb Fake News

Eleesa Dadiani, an entrepreneur has shared her exhausting plan to resolve the massive problem of ‘fake news’ through the Blockchain technology. She intends to use a technology similar to the Distributed Ledger Technology of Bitcoin to slash inflow of false information.

Although ‘fake news’ is relatively a new term, many perceive the issue as one of the most alarming threats for the Western democracy. The good news is a Blockchain-based entrepreneur, Eleesa Dadiani, has shared her intention of dealing with the issue of false news phenomenon.

A committee at the House of Commons initiated an inquiry in June this year. The main objective of this committee was to address the issue of fake news. Meanwhile, Dadiani said that misinformation is widespread everywhere starting from the TV media to phones.

The entrepreneur also opined that a sophisticated system can prevent people from accessing the truth. For instance, the results of the first few search pages on Google according to the entrepreneur are based on pay per click or high SEO rankings.

Dadiani Compares Misinformation With Virus

The 30-year-old pioneer in cross-border and cryptocurrency trade is all set to initiate a fresh coordinated campaign against misinformation. She will drive the movement through her business called Dadiani Syndicate that uses the revolutionary Blockchain technology for unlocking crucial trade routes.

According to a report in, Dadiani feels that a search result is based on who paid more to the search engine to feature at the top of such listings. Dadiani also commented that misinformation spreads similar to a virus.

The young entrepreneur hopes to raise fund for her Blockchain-based app called Bubblr through ICO (Initial Coin Offerings). ICOs are cryptocurrency money sources to fund start-up businesses. Dadiani also debated that some events in the recent time had revealed the degree to which active mining of personal data takes place. Such data is profiled and traded for influencing and targeting innocent individuals.



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