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NBAA Conference 2018 Focuses On Emerging Blockchain Technology For Innovative Solutions

The National Business Aviation Association aka NBAA Conference 2018 is coming back with full of programmes, discussion, and events this year. The Innovation Zone is returning to BACE again this year for the fifth time to highlight various interesting topics related to remote-piloted VTOL aircraft, blockchain technology and future of budding professionals of this field. This zone is tucked right within the convention floor of Booth 694 and is said to be hosting a total of nine sessions in coming days.

The 2018 NBAA-BACE event will provide a platform for the discussion of cutting-edge technologies such as distributed ledger technology and their importance in the future of the aviation industry. Such events also hold up a place for young professionals to meet and network with the peer of this domain. The Innovation Zone was first introduced during the 2014 conference of NBAA-BACE, primarily hosting panels on issues such as the appearance of unmanned aircraft systems and traveling concern with surroundings of Ebola virus. Ever since, this program has held sessions on a range of various issues concerning digital technologies, supersonic transport, operational efficiencies, and new applications. (Via Ainonline)

In NBAA Conference 2018, the Innovation Zone panel is said to follow suit, just like the session that discovers how remote-pilot VTOL aircraft will coexist with commercial aircraft operations and how the emerging technologies may affect the industry. Tyler Austin, the NBAA project manager, stated that the participants will examine existing research and development efforts, recognize technical confrontations, and anticipate timelines for their viability in the market. He also added that technologies such as artificial intelligence, the blockchain, and electric propulsion are converging.

Many updates have come out in NBAA Conference 2018. Besides, the digital assets are originally built from a technology called blockchain which is nothing but a decentralized or public unalterable ledger for recording transaction histories. The world’s first and highest-valued decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin is working on a blockchain powered platform, according to NBAA.

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