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National Archives And Records Administration (NARA) Explores Blockchain Technology

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is an independent agency of the United States government who explores blockchain technology. Records management officials can be helped in keeping track related to more information storage through the blockchain. NARA can make sure that multiple file types which are stored on the blockchain can be opened up. Guard against deepfake videos can be done through the verification of documents tamper-free versions.

A records management policy and program support specialist for the NARA chief records officer is Eric “Kyle” Douglas who said, “Blockchain shifts the responsibility and trust for maintaining electronic records from the structures of those siloed systems of the organization to a distributed network. These are departures from the role of centralized records management that we’ve been accustomed to. A shift to blockchain could provide the validity and trust that records management systems have traditionally performed and this shift may impact how records are organized, arranged and maintained over time.”

The blockchain technology future is said to be looked promising. Whereas the blockchain is said likely to play a role in digital copies authentication.

He added, “Extending this practice to all digital NARA holdings will allow the public to independently verify that digital content taken from NARA’s catalog has not been altered.”

NARA is located in Washington, D.C., the U.S. A child agency of NARA is the Office of the Federal Register. It looks after the preservation and documentation of government and historical records. It also looks after the maintenance and the publication of the legally authentic & authoritative copies of acts of Congress, presidential directives, and federal regulations officially. Electoral College votes are transmitted to Congress through NARA, according to Wikipedia.

If agencies reskill the existing records management workforce, then the blockchain technology adoption will be increased, Federal News Network reported.

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