Nasdaq Holds Secret Meeting To Discuss Legitimize Cryptocurrency

Nasdaq lately held a closed-door meeting with traditional trading exchange experts and cryptocurrency executives. This secret meeting recently took place in Chicago where representatives from the cryptocurrency sector and old-style exchange markets met. It is a move that is very exclusive and might spark closer relations between the two sectors; the meeting also took place to discuss the future of the industry.

However, it is thought-provoking to note that Wall Street is considering for the best methods to gradually accept digital assets classes in a profitable and a genuine way.

Talking points at the meeting were seemingly the suggestions of future crypto rules and regulations, and on the way to modern technological advancements. In investigation tools might be required to keep track on the controlled security token industry.

CEO Of Nasdaq To Hold The Crypto-Style Economy

In the meeting CEO of Nasdaq, Adena Friedman, showed his forward-thinking mentality towards the sector that is stimulating. Friedman has already taken action to safeguard that crypto exchange platforms enhance their systems and the methods of doing business.

In July 2018, Nasdaq hit up a Gemini digital asset partnership that is geared to observing both bitcoin and ether through the standard Nasdaq SMARTS Market Surveillance system. This week alone, news broke that Nasdaq has already completed six crypto exchange platforms with market investigation technologies.

Friedman has many kind words for the cryptocurrency sector, which is a stark contrast to other so-called financial experts who routinely stick in the knife where crypto is concerned. As per him, this sector is more efficient for the transfers of value across borders.

As reported by Crypto Disrupt, with these recent Nasdaq meetings with Friedman at the helm, bitcoin can be the right next step in the space of currency and it could be a positive thing for the future of crypto.Y

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