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MuleChain’s Crowdfunding Campaign To Evolve Into Global Movement, Break Traditional Limits

The crowdfunding campaign from MuleChain is gearing up to evolve as a global movement and break the shackles of traditional barriers. The global decentralized P2P delivery and warehouse services creator on the blockchain recently announced the launch of its ambitious campaign on the StartEngine platform.

Crowdfunding regulation gives everyone the freedom to invest in securities from the startup companies irrespective of an individual’s income level or net worth. The blockchain venture project based on smart contract has been in development process since the start of this year. MuleChain, the Delaware registered C-Corp is at present focusing on building a technology platform as well as blockchain-based decentralized apps.

Out of these apps a few will be launched initially for testing in the market very soon. According to the founder and CEO of MuleChain, Ralph Liu, “MuleChain is moving into our next stage of growth to complete the build-out of the platform, web, and mobile apps in order to officially launch our services on a well-grounded foundation.”

Liu further added that they chose Regulation Crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine to spread their message and for connecting with individuals, who share the vision of democratizing the warehouse and delivery business on the decentralized P2P platform, reported GlobeNewswire. MuleChain intends to utilize the technology for creating social value that has the ability to evolve into a sort of global movement and break the traditional limitations of working as a simple commercial enterprise.

The concept behind the project is that every person who stays at home can be a pack station owner where as every traveler can be mule. The project will provide equal opportunity to almost everybody whether rich or poor, able or disabled, young or old, men or women belonging to any origin or race.

The crowdfunding campaign will enable everyone to earn extra income occasionally at their most convenient time or help them carve out a full-time living with this project for themselves, reported CrowdFund Insider.

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