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Mudrex: Traders Can Automate Crypto Trading Strategies Using Bots

Bangalore-based startup Mudrex introduces bots that will help crypto investors in crypto trading. These bots will allow traders to automate their strategies without needing to write a single line of code.

Mudrex Inc., conceived as a crypto exchange, has launched its operations in April 2018 after the RBI’s announcement banning banks to deal with crypto investors. Mudrex Inc is one of the startups chosen and backed by Y Combinator. US startup incubator Y Combinator had chosen its winter batch comprising of four Indian companies dealing in robotics, automation, e-tech and e-commerce.

Y Combinator that started in March 2005 has spawned a number of startups including home-renting company AirBnb Inc., file storage and sharing company Dropbox Inc., social media network Reddit, payment startup Stripe and question-and-answer website Quora.

Mudrex Inc is founded by Rohit Goyal, Edul Patel, Prince Arora, Alankar Saxena and Snehil Buxy. The platform enables the traders to write their trading logic for crypto trading using a flowchart tool, test their testing rules on historical or live data and put their strategies live on multiple exchanges to trade automatically, as published on Tech Circle.

Co-founder Edul Patel mentioned that Mudrex was launched just days after the RBI ban for banks. He also added, “We were done with our beta testing when this announcement was made. So we spent some time thinking about what we could do,” as mentioned on The Economic Times.

The major issue while crypto trading relies on picking up the right choice of cryptocurrency from the myriad of options. The, choosing crypto exchanges that gives you the best price and ease for buying/selling/trading. The round-the-clock global market makes manual trading a bit of a task.

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