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Morpheus.Network Joins SAP PartnerEdge Program To Upgrade Blockchain-based Global Supply Chain

Morpheus.Network, a blockchain-based global supply chain platform, has partnered with SAP PartnerEdge with an aim to upgrade supply chain. An agreement to join SAP’s program was made with an offer to give access to assets and services.

Morpheus.Network is a blockchain-based digital, mechanized supply chain platform established in 2017. It aims to offer frictionless cash payments and transparency. Roger Crook, previously filling in as a CEO for DHL Global Forwarding and Charlie Shrem, a blockchain pioneer are appointed as the platform’s Team Leaders for Global Logistics.

“We’re excited to be at the forefront of bringing Morpheus.Network together with SAP’s Future Factory and Future Retail. The partnership will create a full multichannel experience that brings cost savings and simplified logistics to SAP customers,” CEO of Morpheys.Network Dan Weinberger said.

The supply chain industry using blockchain technology will be benefited by the association between two organizations. They will help to solve mission-critical issues faced by the industry. From automated purchase orders to the inventory management all will be guaranteed using appropriate streamlining of procedures and settlement.

Morpheus.Network wants to publish their platform in SAP’s App Center. They will later show their ability at the following SAPPHIRE NOW conference.

According to a report by Bitcoin Exchange Guide, around $15 trillion worth of merchandise each year is being shipped globally. Inefficiencies in the supply chain are the leading challenge. As per the World Bank, the worldwide GDP could be increased by almost 5% if there are any strategies to reduce the barriers in the supply chain.

CNBC reported earlier that Tradeshift CEO believes blockchain technology is not yet cultivated enough to support global supply chain. According to him blockchain technology is not a high-performance technology and is also expensive. The intangible benefits of technology are more theoretical than practical. The capacity of blockchain technology is to do seven transactions every second, while global supply chain has over thousands of transaction per second.

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