Morocco’s Wind-Powered Blockchain Infrastructure

New York-headquartered computing firm Soluna, is building wind-controlled blockchain computing infrastructure in Morocco, to bring a spotless and sustainable option to the present cryptocurrency mining approach.

A 900MW wind farm power plant is planned to be established by Soluna, in Morocco and join it with the company’s private computing facilities to help power the blockchain in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way.

The capability of blockchain technology has stretched out long ways beyond cryptocurrencies and financial transactions.

The technology can revolutionize the way we trade essentially anything, offering unparalleled security and speed, whether it be social networking, file storing, promoting, marketing, supply chains, or national property records.

The expansion in ubiquity and far-reaching utilization has included some major disadvantages which have driven cryptocurrency miners to swing to reasonable and environmentally damaging fossil fuels.

Soluna has set out to be the world’s first utility-scale blockchain infrastructure organization powered by its own private renewable energy sources.

Technology Focus

The firm clarified in a statement that the project site covers 37,000 acres of land in southern Morocco with more than 900MW of wind power potential. It is a Class I wind site, where wind speeds reach more than 22 miles per hour, making it one of the most noteworthy quality wind sites on the planet.

In November 2016, the King of Morocco announced the kingdom’s central goal to produce more than 52% of its electricity through green power by 2030 and make more than 6,000MW of renewable projects by 2020.

As reported by ESI-Africa, high voltage transmission lines are expected to reach the site by mid-2019. If it isn’t connected with the grid, Soluna’s site will be one of the biggest off-off-grid mining projects.

The organization included that as more applications and administrations start to move onto the blockchain, the light-footed, adaptable computing facilities for this project will control the coming flood of blockchain technologies, networks, and distributed applications.

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