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MoonX Changing ICO Crypto Ecosystem

MoonX, a decentralized ownership crypto exchange, is going to change the ICO crypto ecosystem with its latest collaboration with aSSIST, The Seoul School of Integrated Science and Technology in South Korea. The main objective of this alliance is to achieve the goal of technological dominance in the field of Digital Assets. The industry experts anticipate that this association will bring a new trend in the Initial Coin Offerings which may replace IPO’s in the upcoming years.

According to ANI News, it is stated that MoonX is moving quite ahead in the ICO crypto trade with technology and decentralization as compared to other platforms. Some of the experts believe that it is the first actual decentralized ownership exchange ecosystem as its servers are placed in cryogenic bunkers.

It is also facilitating nanosecond response time which is way beyond better than the conventional or traditional exchanges like Nasdaq. Clearly, it implies that decentralization is a new age operational platform. Evidently, the older one will either shift to a new base or will become obsolete with time if they don’t transform with time.

What Is MoonX?

For a layman, MoonX is a unique exchange platform of decentralized ownership offered to investors, members, cryptocurrency exchanges and traders. They can all collectively play a part and contribute in return of which they will be rewarded with Moon Money. The idea was envisioned with the intention of changing traditional exchanges which made money from end users with the coin method. Along with that, there is no commission for the users, clients and members.

MoonX Founding Chief Executive, Dr. Nithin Palavalli, stated that their brand instead of charging fees from the clients is offering them Moon Money equivalent to shares in the company itself. The company intends to create a peer-to-peer and equal opportunity-based platform. Also, the exchange is operating on a theft-proof technology verified by third-party experts.

Indeed, the ICO crypto ecosystem is going to witness a new generation of the highly advanced platform.

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