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Mobile Election Voting Company Voatz To Improve Accessibility And Usability Of Its Technology

Voatz is a mobile election voting company who wants to improve accessibility and usability of its technology. The company has made an announcement of raising $7 million in Series A funding. The funds are planned to be used for this improvement.

Medici Ventures and Techstars led the funding round. Urban Innovation Fund and Oakhouse Partners took part in the funding round.

Citizens are helped in multiple elections and voting events through Voatz. They can use their secured smartphone and tablet for voting. A new blockchain-based pilot program was introduced by Voatz in Denver election on March in the year 2019. Another new blockchain-based pilot was conducted with 24 counties by Voatz in West Virginia in the year 2018.

Biometrics and encryption along with the blockchain technology are used by Voatz platform for the increase of convenience, security, and auditability related to election systems. Voatz has joined hands with state political parties, universities, labor unions, church groups and nonprofits for the administration of elections. Its platform is used for the elections administration.

The Investing Partner Andrew Maguire at Oakhouse Partners said, “Many of the key issues facing the world today cannot be addressed until we have functioning democracies with high levels of citizen participation. The Voatz election platform provides a radically more inclusive and secure voting process and the team’s progress has been incredible. Programs with states like West Virginia and cities like Denver make it clear that Voatz is on the right track for delivering large scale impact and we are incredibly excited to continue supporting their growth.”

The mobile election voting company Voatz was set up in the year 2016. Military-grade security and cutting-edge technology support the company. 39 elections were carried out with towns, cities, states, both major state political parties, colleges & universities, and unions. It is an award-winning mobile elections firm, PR Newswire reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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