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Mobile App OF Financial News Provider Sina Finance To Display Prices & Performance Of Cryptocurrency

A mobile app of a financial news provider called Sina Finance will display prices & performance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Sina Finance has added a Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies-based feature into the mobile app. The prices & performance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be displayed through the feature. They won’t only be displayed, but the current industry news will also be displayed through the feature.

Sina is a technology company headquartered in Shanghai, Beijing, China. The technology company was established on November 30 in the year 1998. Wang Zhidong, Wang Yan, Ben Tsiang, and Hurst Lin are the founders of the company. Charles Chao, Hong Du, and Bonnie Yi Zhang are the key people of the company. Charles Chao is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Hong Du is the President and the Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Bonnie Yi Zhang is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company.

Sina Weibo, Sina Mobile, Sina Online, and Sinanet are the areas operated by the technology company Sina. 100+ million registered users are handled by the company. The Southern Weekend is recognized as the ultimate destination related to Southern food, travel, outdoor, and lifestyle who recognized the technology company Sina as the “China’s Media of the Year” in the year 2003.

The feature will not only be available on the web version of the financial news provider Sina Finance, TechNode reported.

Sina Finance is recognized as the largest mobile portal in China. It is in Chinese-language. Sina Corporation operates Sina Finance. While Sina App Engine (SAE) is a Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) platform designed for cloud computing. Providing stable & effective web deployment is a purpose of the SAE. SAE is used by 300,000+ Chinese developers, according to Sina Corp Wikipedia page.

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