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MOBI Members And Other Representatives Discuss About Mobility Solution

Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) members and other representatives related to technology companies and automakers have discussed an autonomous mobility solution in a program called APAC MOBI Colloquium. The program held at China Headquarters of IBM on April 17, 2019. IBM hosted the program while CPChain and Tribe Accelerator co-organize the program. The main purpose of the program is to bring various industry leaders into one platform. Providing a knowledge sharing opportunity for them is one more purpose. 

Exploring the current state of blockchain research & development and IoT solutions is an aim of the program APAC MOBI Colloquium. A mobility can be greener, safer, and more accessible through these new technologies. Knowing the way through which these new technologies can benefit the mobility is one more aim.

Vehicles are getting evolved from transport modes to data centers. The data centers are implemented with onboard sensors and computers which can be used to take information about vehicles and their surroundings. The blockchain can use this data for a sustainable future. It is possible to adopt the blockchain once an agreement upon standards is set up.

The blockchain is under experimentation in China. It is growing rapidly. The blockchain development is a vital part of the technological advancement for this nation. A banking company called Agricultural Bank of China who has built a blockchain mortgage and a central bank of the People’s Republic of China called the People’s Bank of China has piloted a blockchain trade finance platform.

The autonomous mobility solution can ensure a sustainable future. 300+ million registered vehicles are available in China and the numbers of registered vehicles are increasing. Out of the 25 most congested cities worldwide, 10 congested cities are in China. Air pollutions happen due to motor vehicle emissions which are major sources.

MOBI is a nonprofit foundation built to provide secure and peer-to-peer blockchain technologies. The mobility industry can use the blockchain technologies through MOBI. The needs and requirements of connected and on-demand multi-modal transportation ecosystems can be addressed through MOBI.

The aim of MOBI is to build interoperability standards. The standards will be for a mobility blockchain. Supporting the efficient, digital and multi-sided mobility marketplace development is one more aim, according to MOBI LinkedIn Profile.

Fuel efficiency can be optimized and emissions can be reduced by 60% through autonomous vehicles. Reducing accidents by 90% can be achieved through an autonomous vehicles solution, PRNewswire reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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