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MLG Blockchain Collaborates With McGill To Launch Blockchain Student Certification In Montreal

MLG Blockchain has collaborated with Blockchain at McGill to start a blockchain student certification course in Montreal. MLG Blockchain is a worldwide consulting and development firm. It should be noted that it is the first of its kind student-led blockchain courses in the world.

The reach of digital ledger technologies (DLT) is expanding rapidly which necessitates the launch of such courses that will provide a comprehensive outlook to the students into the blockchain networks, industry application and regulation’s theoretical foundations.

According to Blockchain at McGill’s Kabir Sethi, “Blockchain at McGill was founded in order to promote, educate, develop and research Blockchain technology. We are happy to forward our mission with the help of MLG Blockchain. It is good to know that in such a nascent technology, the industry is making an effort to forward the barriers of innovation without leaving the next generations behind.” He further added that the certification courses will inspire the students to contribute and develop a better and secure future for all.

This blockchain certification course will be distributed in four sessions each of two hours on the McGill campus and will last for more than two weeks. The sessions will start from October 16 onwards, reported Business Wire. The students will receive the MLG Blockchain Student Certification after they successfully complete the course.

According to MLG Blockchain Education Lead Evan Brown, his company is very much excited to join the team of Blockchain at McGill to educate and certify Montreal’s students. He further added that Blockchain at McGill will continue to support such initiatives and provide means to educate the peers simultaneously receiving the experience of organizing and executing certification program in the blockchain.

Last month MLG Blockchain teamed up with ConnecTech to improve and provide blockchain education and certification in Bermuda reported Bernews. According to ConnecTech, under this collaboration, MLG Blockchain will host educational Blockchain workshops. The series of education will start with an introductory class on cryptocurrencies and blockchain for the general public followed by executive-level workshops on blockchain for business leaders.

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