Mitek’s ‘Mobile Verify’ Ties Up With Cryptocurrency DXE For Security

Mitek’s a worldwide leader in digital individuality verification solutions, will be offering an automated to DXE, the Dutch cryptocurrency exchange, to safeguard compliance with KYC.
Mitek’s Mobile Verify solution will assist DXE to provide KYC-compliant identity verification for every customer from the platform’s go-live date, as part of DXE’s ambition to stay ahead of future regulatory necessities.

Being a part of DXE’s Mitek’s technology delivers compliant customer onboarding ahead of the implementation of the revised Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5), which has been prolonged to cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges.

DXE is gearing up to safeguard they are compliant with AMLD5 prior to the application deadline it will shorten the procedure of buying and selling cryptocurrency for its trades. Also part of DXE’s objective is to guarantee proper due-diligence and KYC processes are adhered to.

The anonymity of cryptocurrency exchange

The secrecy of cryptocurrency has put it at risk of being seen as the latest form of attracting the attention of regulators. With increasing regulatory pressure in the industry, DXE has obtained the assistance of Mitek in its pains to safeguard the company can be as clear and amenable as possible right from the launch date.

Netherlands-based DXE will verify all new customers that register for the platform in the period. New candidates will capture a picture of their ID documents mistreatment the camera on their smartphone.

Mitek’s software package will be able to validate the ID of their customers and deliver information regarding license that would be submitted to them. This allows quick, resistance on-boarding that helps DXE satisfy future KYC onboarding laws.

Being a worldwide leader in digital biometric identification Mitek solutions area unit has been designed on the newest advancements in AI and machine learning.

Mitek’s innovative solutions area has employed by over eighty million customers. It ensures that the introduction of secure identity verification is smooth for the users, a proponent aforesaid to Investing News.

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