Mindol Plans To Put Manga Animation Blockchain In Japan

Japanese electronics giant, Mindol, has planned to apply Manga animation blockchain in its own country.

Through the patents, Mindol intends to improve the design and structure of blockchain by introducing new circuitries to the processes of distributed ledger technology.

The country has set a mission, Cool Japan, in its movement. It has introduced Mindol which will create new content material in animated videos, cinemas, video games, and music that will help Japan’s cultural broadcasting.

Besides, one of the important features of this mission is that the company has also added a mannequin, which will completely depend on the Ethereum blockchain. Although the choice to use blockchain is huge for many reasons, it will highly support two facets of Mindol which are copyright management and transparency of votes and donations.

Japan has experimented with a document of making important and many cultural concepts and dialogue themes for the nation and even for the world.

Ongoing Content Plans

At present, Mindol is working tirelessly to see, create and promote influencers across media platforms, from bloggers to vloggers. Since designing is a support of Japanese culture, the project is also searching for hidden talent and uncovered the ability of people to create new artworks.

The work will be related to fantasy martial arts cartoon. Once the animation is complete, manga and game character products will be developed and prepared for a worldwide distribution.

Goal Of Mindol

In August, Mindol will officially be listed on cryptocurrency exchange. In October, they will announce the details of their animation project and start their production with a popular artist and doll maker.

In 2019, Mindol will release a novel and comic series. And in 2020, they will sell their comics at the Wonder Festival Winter and begin enjoying their TV animation broadcasts and radio packages.

Mindol has established several goals for themselves with Mindol, Japan’s concepts and cultural stories will exclusively be distributed and strengthening the nation’s success, a spokesperson said to The Next Web.

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