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Miami Rapidly Evolving As New Blockchain Technology Hub In US

The city of Miami in Florida is rapidly evolving as the new blockchain technology hub in the US. The United States of America is renowned the world over for adopting technological advancements early and with open arms and is a home to the topmost tech companies and tech nerds in the world. It certainly has contributed greatly to the growth in the revenue of America as its reliance on natural resources such as metal and crude oil has now shifted to virtual technology and operating systems.

Even then the adoption of blockchain technology in the US is pretty slow as compared to the other countries including Malta. Obviously, the US has several technology projects coming up that are supporting the cutting-edge blockchain technology but they are few as compared to other countries. Miami is one city that stands out when it comes to adopting the usage of the blockchain. Rather this city from the state of Florida is considered to be a pioneer for blockchain adoption in the US.

And it is quite evident from the fact that most of the new blockchain technology-related events hosted in the country including workshops, seminars, and conferences took place in Miami. There are several factors that have contributed to making the city prime choice for hosting such blockchain-based events. One of the major reasons could be its scenic location, the ccpressreported. Being a popular holiday destination, it is much easier to combine work and pleasure for many.

Florida too has contributed to making the city of Miami number one center of blockchain technology in the country by creating a new post of “Crypto Chief” in its administration. It is the duty of the chief to oversee the working of the blockchain and crypto industry and regulate it.

Miami is poised to host several new blockchain technology-related events in the coming months. Recently it hosted the first-annual Blockchain Shift conference wherein leaders from technology, finance, arts, and industry came together for celebrating the potential of cryptocurrencies, distributed ledgers, and democratization of finance, Coinspeakerreported.

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