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Melonport Co-founder Opens New Decentralized Crypto Exchange In Malta

Reto Trinkler, the co-founder of Melonport, has opened a new decentralized crypto exchange, Agora Trade in Malta. Melonport is one of the most talked-about blockchain projects. Reto Trinkler, with the launch of this new DEX, is aspiring to make such platforms easier to use. Malta as a nation has of late become increasingly crypto-friendly and the country has passed several legislations around the same.

What makes Agora different from the rest of the decentralized exchanges is that it will be offering the trade of cryptocurrencies across different blockchains. Although Plasma DEX also does this, yet it will set Agora apart from the other DEXs that run on top of Ethereum and can only trade in Ether or other tokens created specifically for that particular blockchain.

Users can trade Ether or NIM (the native cryptocurrency of the Nimiq blockchain) initially. Later Agora plans to add Ethereum Classic, NEO, Bitcoin, EOS and Tezos to the platform. Additionally, orders to sell or buy on Agora Trade will be made off-chain and matched and stored on a central server. Thus, orders can be placed absolutely free of cost and trades can be completed much faster.

Due to his association with the Melonport project, the then 28-year old Trinkler earned a spot on Forbes “30 Under 30” in European finance. Mona El Isa and Reto Trinkler officially founded Melonport AG in July 2016, as stated in the CoinDesk report.

Trinkler is hopeful that with the above-mentioned features of the decentralized crypto exchange, Agora Trade and the security and autonomy of self-custody, more users will be attracted towards the platform. Melonport Trinkler’s co-founded company is a fully partner-owned private company domiciled in Zug, Switzerland. The company is the first of its kind of autonomous systems that are designed specifically for the purpose of crypto asset management. Both its backend and frontend are executed and hosted on decentralized platforms, as stated on its website.

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