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Meet Erik Finman, 19-Year-Old Bitcoin Millionaire

It is a fascinating news to learn that a teenager has already become a Bitcoin millionaire. Erik Finman is only 19 and is presently staying at San Francisco, U.S.A. He is the youngest Bitcoin millionaire recognized globally.

He started with the cryptocurrency business at 12 only. When he first bought bitcoin with the $1,000 he received as a gift from his grandmother. The digital currency cost only $10 at that time. It increased to $1,100 only within a few years’ time.

Achievement in cryptocurrency business

Feinman has an impressive achievement in cryptocurrency business and is an owner of 401 bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies. In 2015 Feinman sold Botangle’s technology which was a bit gambling thing. This could have earned him 300 bitcoin or alternatively $100,000 cash in 2015. At that time bitcoin’s value was around $200; which is now something around $6,500.

Bitcoin Millionaire Feinman has a mentality which is quite attacking to consider Bitcoin either worthless or astronomical magnitude. At his ten-year age, Feinman out of inspiration created a four-armed robot suit of Spiderman fame.

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Future plan

Feinman was declared as most Influential “teen 2014. At an age of only 15, he started Botangle, an online education business and made a business worth $100,000. Bitcoin millionaire Feinman, although belongs to a family of educational background was not an impressive student had a discouraging feeling on school life.

Currently, Bitcoin Millionaire Feinman is working with advanced space technology with NASA related to Satellite project which involves sending digital time capsule into space. This project will also include a representative sample of Earth life. He also has a plan to build a physical school.Feinman is reported having an offensive Instagram account where he jokes with cash and other currencies- News Bites reported.

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