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Maltese Academic Silvio Schembri Awards Blockchain Technology Scholarship Grants

Silvio Schembri is a Maltese academic who has awarded 19 students with the first blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology (DLT) scholarship grants. His current focus is on the combination of traditional professions and technology. He is also a parliamentary secretary for financial services, digital economy, and innovation.

Schembri said, “With the fast pace at which the digital scenario is evolving, we will soon be setting our sights on Financial Engineering, ICT Engineering and even lawyers specialising in technology. Evidently, technology will infiltrate and mould the landscape of sectors and professions in a different manner than the way we know them today, hence we must prepare ourselves for the changes and anticipate the ever-changing scenario this will bring about.”

Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) is a government agency who has collaborated with the University of Malta last year. They signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). A €300,000 scholarship grant was set up for 3 years through this collaboration. The scholarship grant was set up for those students who want to pursue blockchain technology and DLT studies. Some students will pursue Finance & Business and DLT, some will pursue Information Communication Technology (ICT) and DLT, and some students will pursue Law and DLT. €160,000 amounts are invested in 19 awardees.

The Maltese academic Silvio Schembri was born in Luqa, a town in Malta. He works in the Malta Prime Minister’s office. He has a deep understanding of Political Communication, Negotiation, Sustainable Development, Political Science, and Analytical Skills. He has completed a Master of Arts. He has also completed a Bachelor Degree of Honours in Economics from L-Università ta’ Malta, according to the official LinkedIn account of Silvio Schembri.

The Executive Chairman of MITA Tony Sultana said, “We are not stopping here. Early next year, another fresh call will be issued to give the opportunity to more students to develop their studies at Masters and PHd level. With today’s working environment, the use of IT is used in different sectors, so I remind our prospective students that this scholarship is not only open to technical study stream, but also to those having a background of law or business.”

Making Malta The Blockchain Technology Island is a vision of the government, Independent reported.
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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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