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LX Group Introduces Smart Contract Product Line With IoT And Blockchain At MWC19

Australian IoT company LX Group is ready to launch their new smart contract product line integrated with the latest LTE-M, IoT and Blockchain technology. This new lineup is all set to be showcased at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.

Powered by the LX IoT Cores platform, the new devices are designed to reduce barriers of innovation for developers of real-world smart contract applications. LX IoT Cores is a new way of thinking, accelerating end-to-end full stack IoT solutions from the device layer to the end user apps. It will help developers by providing a device, platform, API and associated commissioning tools.

At MWC19, LX will be showcasing the new industrial CAtM1/NB-IoT tracker featuring indoor and outdoor engine (GPS + WiFi), a range of onboard environmental sensing options, embedded crypto core, Bluetooth 5 radio and 3-year battery life. The IoT tracker isn’t just an intelligent device but it gives new insights. LX has also updated its existing Blue Node product line with CATM1/NB-IoT and smart contract support for static sensitive applications.

Successful trials have been conducted to see and monitor the traceability of the products. The trial for seventeen tonnes of almonds was carried out from Sunraysia in Australia to Hamburg in Germany on and Ethereum-based blockchain. The trial was completed last year in collaboration with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. As part of the experiment, CBA partnered with global agriculture player Olam Orchards Australia Pty Ltd, Pacific National for rail haulage, port landlord Port of Melbourne, stevedore Patrick Terminals and shipping carrier OOCL Limited, as mentioned on Commonwealth Bank of Australia website.

However, the next phase of development is an independent product development activity. It will focus on the development of commercial level hardware to support high volume deployment of blockchain monitoring in the supply chain across a range of verticals.

Featuring Bosch sensors, uBlox CatM1/NB-IoT cellular module, ST micro-processing and Microsoft Azure cloud back-end, the product stack incorporates the latest technology from world leading IoT players. The product line also incorporates the LX ultra-low power IoT OS, advanced tracking algorithms, Over-The-Air firmware updates and LX CoreView app for easy commissioning.

With granular traceability, yield optimization, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance rapidly becoming cornerstone business practices, LX reduces barriers for innovations by providing the core building blocks for business and applications, as LX Group website reports.

LX is one of Australia’s fastest growing companies and will be opening a European office in 2019. It will facilitate expansion into new markets, provide local product support and access new talent pools. They already provide global Tier1 banks, multinationals and mobile operators with cutting edge IoT solutions and a full-stack strategy to scale custom IoT product development service.

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