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Luxury Shopping Marketplace Offers Discount On Bitcoin Purchases

Fancy, a curated luxury goods marketplace, has started accepting both BCH and BTC. It also especially offers a special discount only for crypto shoppers.

It is a common tendency amongst bitcoin whales and long term holders to seek for shopping places where they can spend their cryptocurrency without having to use fiat. Fancy which features around 250,000 products, that since it does not pay fraud protection fees or credit card processing fees on the orders that are placed with crypto, it plans to pass on those savings to its consumers.

So now you can pay with BCH or BTC and simply type crypto in their discount code section, and the price for your chosen product will be reduced by 3%. Fancy mentions that crypto customers can save up to $30 on each of their orders at an average $1,000 per Fancy order placed.

As reported on Bitcoin News, Joe Einhorn, Fancy CEO, mentions that they intend to be a part of the beginning of an enduring move, where in all eCommerce companies start adopting crypto and share the cost efficiencies with their customers. Fancy has recently switched to Bitpay and it has also begun accepting BCH payments. The company had started accepting crypto payments way back in 2013.

Joe mentions in his statement that the decision to accept bitcoin cash on Fancy was not just about transitioning to Bitpay. It was also owing to the philosophical underpinnings of the BCH community. He says that reading about their hope for bitcoin cash, there is a sense of affinity to their hopes of creating a frictionless commerce. Facy wishes to empower not only its customers but also their vendors to carry out transactions in an efficient manner. While explaining to Modern Consensus, the CEO says that they think they are philosophically in alignment with bitcoin cash.

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