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Lumi Crypto Wallet Announces Its First Real App For Collectibles And Game Assets

Lumi, a secure and easy crypto wallet has announced the first real app for collectible, and it is a completely different platform intended to run on the Android and iOS devices. This app lets the users keep all their figurines and game assets in a single wallet. This app solution is more secure than the web extension one and its assets are based on Ethereum and ERC-721 tokens.

The wallet is a hierarchical deterministic wallet that can be improved using a twelve-word reminder phrase. Since privacy is essential to them it also keeps it unidentified by not amassing any individual information. The company has offered many more functions for Lumi Collect’s users. It is currently planning new techniques to upsurge its revenue by marketing extra slots for new games, which will be displayed in the explore tab. One can send and receive crypto assets in a quick and well-organized manner.

The main idea of creating Lumi’s new wallet was to help crypto holders keep all their exclusive collectible characters in one place. The company guarantees that the next release will let the users sign all the contracts transactions with a mobile Ethereum wallet. Lumi crypto wallet offers ERC-20 standard-compatible wallet along with the collectibles wallet, both in mobile and web versions, as recently reported by Cointelegraph.

Lumi lets the customers buy, store and exchange Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and tokens safely. The user’s security funds are based on PIN codes and face ID technology. The user just needs to remember the 12-word backup phrase in case if they wish to restore their account. The users can even by now use Lumi Collect for their loveable creatures from CryptoKitties and assets from Blockchain Cuties. It has even announced an airdrop where users can receive free Cuties for making reposts and contributions.

Cointelegraph had previously stated that even MyCryptons crypto wallet will be soon using a non-fungible token. Besides another concept known as CryptoKitties blockchain games had recently secured $12 million in funding from a group of investors.

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