Longest Running TV Series ‘Coronation Street’ Features Cryptocurrency As Major Plot

Cryptocurrency has gained some major mainstream exposure by being a vital part for the world’s longest running TV series titled “Coronation Street.” The soap opera rating for this British TV programme has got superb boom crossing over 8 million viewers for its unique storyline involving cryptocurrency.

The inclusion of cryptocurrencies in the present pop culture is gradually becoming bigger. The story that involved digital currency centered on the character Ryan Connor who first appeared onscreen during the episode broadcast on August 30, 2006. This semi-regular character is shown gambling away the money he earned and invested 50 quid in Whipcoin years back what he could recall. He was seen instantly looking up what had happened to him and made to believe that his investment was then worth £250,000,000.

Although Whipcoin is just a fictional term like Bitcoin or Litecoin, the storyline is redolent of several altcoins that were unveiled last year with dramatic rises and unexpected crashes.

However, so far there is no update whether or not this longest running TV series will continue having similar plots on digital currencies, but the latest augmentation in the soap opera ratings ensures that the viewers would again prefer watching similar storylines.

The experts and optimists believe that once such a gargantuan number of viewers get more comfortable with the idea of digital virtual money, they will not only adopt it onscreen and in various ways, it will set off one more huge gush of public interest in cryptocurrencies. One notable example is given by the Daily Hodl, which reports that the world’s number one cryptocurrency recently won millions of pop minds and rap hearts from Eminem’s new album “Kamikaze.” Bitcoin got a heavy shout out on the super hit track titled “Not Alike” that opened with a bandwagon for digital gold.

Apart from “Coronation Street” (which is still considered as the longest running TV series), the TV shows like CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory”, HBO’s “Silicon Valley” and Marvel’s “The Simpsons” have also featured cryptocurrencies, reports KryptoMoney. On the other hand, cryptocurrency is also hitting the large screens because a film titled “Crypto” is currently filming, which is said to feature the 29-year old American actor Beau Knapp.

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