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Little Or No Cryptocurrency Theft Awareness In India Probes Report By Avast

Cryptocurrency is the upcoming generation of new technology which enables and facilitates the user and economy. However, with every new technology comes a security theft which gets modified with time. No system and platform are perfect when designed but it gets improvised and secured when implemented in the operating system.

Considering Indian users cryptocurrency awareness and knowledge is low as found in the survey conducted by Avast. It is a consumer-based cybersecurity software company that revealed shocking results in its survey lately.

According to the report, around 23% of users remained indifferent regarding cryptomining malware that infects their hand-sets and systems. In addition to this, 39% erroneously consider that cryptomining malware won’t affect them as they don’t own virtual coins. However, a large chunk of traders around 77% were familiar with digital assets and risks involved within. 66% of the users were aware of the malwares and security thefts; however, they lacked sufficient information about them.

What Is A Cryptomining Malware?

These malwares refer to a kind of software and components that take over user’s resources and use them without their permission. In short a kind of hacking along with a hijacking of their systems.

Indian customers assume a lethargic approach for malicious softwares instead of being pro-active in cryptocurrency system. The results have come out after conducting research on their knowledge and perception about cryptomining.

Avast Security Researcher, Martin Hron mentioned that they have observed a noteworthy rise in Internet of Things (IoT) devices. He also added that the malwares can run furtively in any device with no knowledge to the user at the front end. All in all, it doesn’t make any difference if the user is accessing cryptocurreny or not.

There are only a few cases of cryptocurrency thefts reported right now but that clearly doesn’t mean its all okay at the back. The consumers keep themselves update about the new trend in the market which may or may not be related to them directly.

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