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Little Detective- Educational Blockchain Platform Collects $5.5 Mn From Pre-ICO

Little Detective, a new educational blockchain powered platform, developed by Ixtus edutainment. The app will ensure that users will get lifelong and holistic learning experience which will provide access to proper education for larger communities.

This platform is a revolutionary blockchain edutainment platform, creating a storm in the present crypto space. In its Pre-ICO round, the platform has already fetched more than $5.5 million and is presently going to provide a 25 percent discount on the ICO which is going to start next week. The main target of the platform is the pre-school and lower primary school kids. Soft cap of the ICO is about $2 million which has already reached. Token price of IXE is 1ETH which is equal to about 5000 IXE.

This is a first of its kind platform being developed by Little Detective which will be powered by blockchain. It effectively meets the requirement of the extraordinary resource based on dissemination, safe storage, and sharing of information. Because of the unique blockchain structure, users get the best way to upgrade their revenue. The platform will provide easy access to good quality education which will include a new interactive learning platform for a wide audience base, also include backward and isolated communities.

According to a report published in NewsBTC, Little Detective will cover 3 main subjects which would be Language and Literacy, Environment and Social Studies, and Number and Maths. With the help of edutainment platform, there is a new platform which will be designed by the Curriculum Framework. With the help of Little Detective, the aim is to provide a new approach for the learning and development with the help of an interactive learning experience. As this app provides users with a holistic learning platform which will surely get a positive response from its investors.

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