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Linh Thanh Group and KRONN Ventures AG Obtain License To Establish New Crypto Exchange 

The Vietnamese’s largest distribution company Linh Thanh Group and a blockchain company KRONN Ventures AG obtained a license to establish a new crypto exchange in Vietnam. 

KRONN Ventures AG established a consortium in the last year. The consortium consisted of financial committees from five Asian developing countries [VietnamPhilippinesCambodiaBangladesh, and Sri Lanka]. The main purpose of the consortium is to develop an international wiring system using blockchain technology. The international wiring system that is suitable for the Asian environment will be built.

Vietnam and Linh Thanh Group acquired the first place to use this opportunity. Whereas other Asian developing countries are concerning that they will face the opportunity deprivation.

Linh Thanh Group stated that its partnership with KRONN Ventures AG would lead to a world-class crypto exchange. KRONN Ventures AG is a well-known blockchain leader in Switzerland. It has made a partnership with King’s College in London. The main purpose of the partnership is to facilitate AI research. 

It is expected that the combination of the massive distribution network of Linh Thanh Group and the world-class technology of KRONN Ventures AG will impact Vietnam and other surrounding Asian countries as well.

The recent falling prices of Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies and the crypto market’s pessimistic outlook lead to opinions division and also predict a recession. Then also, the crypto market enters into a stabilizing period after the bubble. The Wall Street is a large bank in the developed countries and invests more in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency during these mixed opinions. Although sensing the growing pressure, Vietnam also invests more to develop cryptocurrency and its associated technologies.

Linh Thanh Group is a global worker who works with clients of different levels of organizations from a wide range of industries, according to the official website of Linh Thanh Group.

Linh Thanh Group and KRONN Ventures AG have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the crypto exchange, PR Newswire reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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