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Liberland’s President Uses Crypto Coin Merit To Lay Foundation For His Country

Liberland’s President Vit Jedlicka had recently stated that he will use a new crypto coin named Merit to lay the basis of his dream for his country. Liberland is a micro-state that occurs among Croatia and Serbia, which is a part of the border argument between these two countries. According to their official website, Liberland signifies the world’s third least state having an area which is less than 3 square miles.

Jedlicka was a local leader between 2009 and 2016, of a small party in the Czech Republic. With a wish to “fix states that were very large and too regulatory, he was raised tired of politics in his home nation and wanted to make one of his own. While Liberland is not yet authoritatively accepted as a sovereign state by other countries, Jedlicka says that there were more than 200,000 people have already registered to apply for citizenship.

Crypto Coin has been designed to be a cost-effective and straightforward way for new customers. As per Jedlicka’s dream for his new state, Liberland is a completely fresh sovereign state with far lesser restrictions as linked to other states. For example, the country will not have any compulsory taxes, and there will also be a wide-ranging range of individual freedoms, containing the right of bearing arms. As per Bitcoinist, the country’s supremacy system will also be dispersed.

The Liberland space had originally planned to use Bitcoin as its standby currency. In a recent interview, Jedlicka had mentioned that he believed that digital currencies were an important expansion as a method of reimbursing for the exchange of goods and services. Though at present he feels there is an even more determined currency plan than Bitcoin for his new country.

Crypto coin assures that the users receive the information and best service they need. The Liberland President says that blockchain technology and virtual currencies have led to an important prototype shift in numerous subdivisions. As per its Liberland website, the motto of Liberland is “To live and let live” as it gives itself the self-importance on individual and financial freedom for its people to guarantee less interference with the freedom of the people and to its entire nation.

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