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Latest Blockchain Survey Unveil Technology Statistics And Enterprise Business Investments

One of the “Big Four” multinational organizations Deloitte has come up with an interesting blockchain survey which has revealed some intrinsic details of the market and the perception of this emerging ecosystem. The 2018 global blockchain survey report of Deloitte includes opinions and outlook of about 1,000 blockchain executives across the world. Amazingly, it covers many aspects surrounding this domain that brings out a completely new, fresh and positive image of blockchain happening within the enterprises.

As per the Deloitte’s survey, about 95 percent of blockchain executives that belong to different sectors are making the investment in this form of distributed ledger. In addition to this, about 26 percent of the companies are keen to put their funds somewhere between $1 million and $5 million in this future technology while other 23 percent can invest about $5 million to $10 million.

The blockchain survey also denoted the range of investment for different countries like China and Mexico. The point is that most of them will be investing at least about $1 million or more in this year itself. It has been predicted in the report that most of them will come from countries like France, Mexico and Canada as mentioned by Deloitte.

There are some interesting insights in the report about the surviving potential of blockchain technology as well as how it can revolutionize different industries of the world. Many participants of the survey agreed to the fact that this technology is scalable and can be used for business use case while a small fraction does believe that it is overhyped. However, the enterprise businesses are indeed looking forward to the deployment of this global technology.

Connection Of Blockchain And Deloitte

Deloitte has already chalked five basic areas in which blockchain have to make developments in order to maintain its acceptance in the global market. According to Cointelegraph, the five challenges are lack of standardization, high costs, regulatory uncertainty, the complexity of apps and alliance between blockchain-enabled firms. The blockchain survey probably has the answer somewhere in it, but it comes only with the price of making some investment in it.

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