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Latest Blockchain Info: Live Launch Of Blockchain By Parity Founder

The latest blockchain info has arrived from the immensely popular blockchain infrastructure firm Parity Technologies. The firm founder Gavin Wood displayed a demo of live blockchain launch in merely fifteen minutes at the event of Web3 Summit held in Berlin on October 23, 2018. Parity is a U.K.-based blockchain powered infrastructure provider which is known for developing Ethereum (ETH) their most well-known client. In fact, Ethereum was also co-founded by Gavin Wood.

The blockchain live demo is termed as a grand gesture by the media outlets. This demo was done on the new Mac laptop highlighting the awesome speed of the process on the platform launch. The blockchain framework is called as “Substrate” by Wood and the framework of the platform of Parity is dubbed as “Polkadot” protocol. This protocol is kind of para chain that forms a link between several types of the blockchain. It is expected to be released officially by the end of next year in the market.

The additional blockchain info of the event unveiled that the Polkadot and Substrate share a common objective but their defined technological terms are different. Substrate is similar to the software or PC which someone can choose for a given app while Polkadot is something like network card in the PC which has the capacity to interconnect blockchains. (Via Coin Telegraph)

Gavin Wood’s Speech And Major Announcements

Parity founder’s speech revealed that Substrate 1.0-beta will be released sometime in the next month. He further described this as the biggest bet against blockchain maximalism. It can be concluded that according to him the blockchain industry has turned out to be nationalistic about one type of blockchain defeating another one. Perhaps, maximalism form hurdles for new entry and diminishes fun for technologists as mentioned by Tech Crunch.

The blockchain info has certainly made one this quite clear that the new advancements for sure will bring a technological revolution in the blockchain industry.

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