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Last Week’s Domestic Mutual Fund AUM Inclined To Top 20 Fund Houses

The domestic mutual fund AUM is biased to the top 20 fund houses. Out of the total 23.40 lakh crore Rupees of quarterly Assets Under Management contributed by 43 fund houses, 22 lakh crore Rupees was managed by the top 20 fund houses.

According to the AUM data available on the AMFI, the top 20 fund houses contributed 96 percent of the total AUM of the MF industry. That is, out of the total 23.40 lakh crore Rupees AUM contributed by all the fund players in the April-June quarter, 22 lakh crore Rupees was from the top 20 fund players.

Out of the top 20 fund houses, HDFC MF contributed 6,292 crore Rupees and ICICI Prudential MF contributed 4,427 crore Rupees to the total AUM in the April-June quarter, according to MoneyControl. SBI MF witnessed a growth of about 7 percent in the same quarter.

The mutual fund AUM value increased to 23.40 lakh crore Rupees in the April-June quarter with a 20 percent surge from that of the past year. The MF average assets increased to 23.05 lakh crore Rupees, accounting for an improvement of just 1.5 percent, during the Oct-Dec quarter.

Out of the 33 MFs which witnessed AUM surge during the April-June quarter of 2017-18, ICICI Prudential MF continued to stand first with an asset base of 3,10,166 crore Rupees at the end of June quarter, according to The Economic Times.

HDFC MF holds the second place with MF AUM of 3,06,840 crore Rupees, followed by Aditya Birla Sun Life MF, Reliance MF, and SBI MF in order.

Out of the 42 fund houses excluding the Srei MF, eight MFs witnessed decline in their asset base, reported the source.

The growth of MF AUM in the April-June quarter is the result of the active participation of retail investors, education and awareness campaigns conducted by mutual fund industry, and the outstanding growth in systematic investment plans.

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