Lancor Scientific’s Blockchain-Based Tools To Offer 90 Percent Accuracy In Cancer Research

Cancer is a dreadful disease that is spreading like an epidemic. More often the survival of a patient depends on how early the diagnosis is made and importantly how accurate it is. That makes the blockchain-based tools from Lancor Scientific a boon in disguise for the medical fraternity as in the coming days these tools will offer 90 percent accuracy in screening.

Austria is one country that has open-heartedly adopted blockchain as the technology capable of bringing major disruption in almost all the fields of operations across the globe. The country’s government is now supporting this U.K.-based cancer research venture that is planning to use blockchain for detecting the disease. It is a part of the Austria government’s drive to promote blockchain technology.

Lancor Scientific has built a special device that can detect multiple types of cancer as well as record screening results with smart contracts on blockchain platform. The firm now wants to come up with a laboratory in the City of Graz to take the research further. Prior to this, Google released Lymph Node Assistant in October, a type of cancer screening tools last month. This tool uses artificial intelligence (AI).

Lancor Scientific wants to develop a tool that will offer 90 percent accuracy in the screening results, Cointelegraph reported. The firm aims to work with other local universities including the Medical University of Graz, the Technical University of Graz, and Vienna’s Sigmund Freud University. These universities will work together on international research projects.

As a part of the support, the Austrian government is planning to offer a five-year period of facilities, clinical trials management, access to academic expertise and research equipment. It is not the first time that Austria has extended help for blockchain research. Prior to offering a grant to Lancor Scientific, the Austrian government supported a new blockchain research effort aimed at developing business applications of the technology.

According to Coindesk, Research Institute for Cryptoeconomy is headquartered at the University of Vienna and will bring the expertise of the entire community together so that the Austrian entrepreneurs’ needs can be included in the upcoming agenda of its administration. Now, by backing Lancor Scientific, the country is taking its support for blockchain further as the firm gears up to introduce new implementations in cancer research.

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