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Lancor Scientific Collaborates With Credas For Secured Cryptocurrency ICO

Lancor Scientific is planning to carry out an initial coin offering by collaborating with Credas for a secured cryptocurrency ICO to fund further development. It would protect up to $20 million of funding. As part of this ICO, the corporation will be confirming every investor via participating Credas’ Identity verification technology.

According to Rhys David, Chief Executive of Credas, working with Lancor on this incorporation has been a good experience as it has let the company discover new incorporation offering and grow as a modified functionality. Besides this, the company is also able to do a full white label service for a tremendously ground-breaking business. The company is extremely pleased with the outcome and it is further looking to aid other businesses to improve their offering by integrating the Credas tech.

As part of ICO, the company wanted to make sure its Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering checks were strong. The flexibility and speed of API integration offered are best as compared to others in the market, says Robert Elding, Chief Marketing Officer at Lancor Scientific. Thus the Lancor platform is the developer and holder of blockchain technology that will support cryptocurrency ICO.

Credas does the rest of the work with much facial recognition and ID authentication algorithms working in the background. As per Coin Rivet, Credas verification procedure comprises of three simple steps – a selfie, a picture of the photo ID and liveness test. The liveness test then confirms that the person is available when the verification photo is being taken.

Credas is your trusted individuality and ID document verification key, suitable for independent businesses and large enterprises. As per Credas official website, with its latest collaboration to secure cryptocurrency ICO will give up to 97.7 percent accuracy with its facial recognition software, and 100 percent NFC chip reading. It is the only identity verification resolution on the market to read and Identity document verification in real time basis.

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