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KuCoin Crypto Exchange Announces To List Single Transaction Currency Of Crypterium, CRPT

The KuCoin crypto exchange announced on September 24 that it will be listing CRPT as part of their tradable tokens. CRPT is the single transaction currency of Crypterium. Crypterium is a blockchain-based project that is focussing on revolutionizing the digital banking.

The KuCoin exchange is now allowing deposits with the recommended trading pairs including CRPT/ETH and CRPT/BTC. Users can buy and trade CRPT utilizing KuCoin’s mobile apps and also through its official website.

Crypterium’s objective is to develop a crypto bank that is available for everyone. The platform also intends to deliver similar services to current financial institutions but presented it to the world of cryptocurrencies for now.

The Crypterium Cryptobank provides instant processing engine for fiat-based currency trades, compared to conventional mobile banks that take weeks to request and issue the card. Crypterium can use the crypt to pay fiat-based transactions of infinity assets with low commissions on 42 million payment terminals that exist and many points of payment as well as internet stores.

Users trading on the KuCoin crypto exchange needs to know that the Crypterium technology platform is based on algorithms that facilitate the most effective offer extended through the current peer-to-peer network and third-party cryptographic exchanges.

The CRPT token will be at the core of the Crypterium Cryptobank. No transactions can be carried out on the platform without using the CRPT token. The token will only be distributed through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The CRPT tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, once they are issued, as stated in the Ethereum World News report.

To celebrate the new listing on the KuCoin crypto exchange, Crypterium will be running an airdrop and a trading competition. As part of the airdrop, Crypterium will be distributing 265000 CRPT among the exchange users. The top 500 accounts on KuCoin with the highest trading amounts of CRPT (selling and buying) will share 10 BTC as rewards. The competition started on September 24 and will end on October 1, as stated in the Medium blog post of Crypterium.

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