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KuCoin Announces Listing Of Ox Fundamental Token (ZRX) Ready For Crypto Trading

The KuCoin exchange recently announced the listing of Ox project’s fundamental token ZRX on its platform, ready for crypto trading. The number of digital assets has doubled in the recent past, as blockchain projects are on the rise. With the rapid growth of blockchain-based companies, it is a fact that technology is a dominating aspect of modern society.

With the listing of ZRX token on the KuCoin platform, deposits are now available with trading pairs that include ZRX/ETH and ZRX/BTC. User transactions can be processed via either the KuCoin App or directly on their official website.

Ox ZRX Introduction

Ox is considered to be a permissionless and open protocol facilitating ERC20 tokens to be transacted on the Ethereum blockchain.  The ZRX token will be essentially used for powering decentralized exchanges.

While the Ox project’s ZRX token is being listed officially on the KuCoin exchange now, Will Warren and Amir Bandeali were speculating on the disruptive route of blockchain technology when they organized Ox in October 2016.

Ox’s Highlights

Built on the Ethereum distributed network, Ox has a trustless exchange where trades are automatically established. Transactions done here can avert down times, failures and risks. Ox can produce a network impact pertaining to shared liquidity that will compound whenever relayers come online, as stated in the BTCManager report.

Anyone can access relayers’ liquidity and trade on counterparty for free by paying them ZRX tokens. The dApps building block of Ox needs the functionality of exchange. A lot of developers use Ox on a web application or on their smart contract.

The ZRX Token

Crypto trading using ZRX tokens is presently limited to the Ethereum blockchain as mentioned in the AMBCrypto report. The ZRX tokens are used for decentralized governance. Cosmos and Wanchain, cross-blockchain solutions will soon connect Ox to the outside world. The ZRX tokens are not mineable.

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