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Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange Declines To List Onecoin’s OFC Coin

OneCoin had recently claimed that it was communicating with the twelve public exchanges regarding the public listing of their OFC ERC20 token. However, without any explanation, OneCoin cryptocurrency exchange have recently decided to slash the highlighted exchange figure to a smaller number within a couple of days.

At present out of the ongoing 6, which were registered, one exchange has made it public that it will not list OneCoin’s OFC coin. Consequently, of removing the number of listed exchanges by half, OneCoin has planned to delete the listing from their original coin offering website. Even though it is not yet confirmed, users can have a look at the exchanges segment of the menu on the website.

The Disappearance Of Reports

Many reports of OneCoin ICO have been pulled down, it is anticipated that even the mentioning of other cryptocurrency exchanges will also be deleted. However, it has been noted that a while ago, a Twitter user by the name of Alexis Aiono decided to contact Kraken, whereby he requested to be told if the exchanges will openly refuse any collaboration with OneCoin, which has been assumed as a scam.

In response to the question, the support staff at Kraken cryptocurrency exchange informed that it had no purposes of listing OneCoin, or any other such coin. It is also worth noting that in spite of the hurdles it is facing, the virtual asset is aiming to lash its OFC virtual assets to investors for 0.2 Euros to 0.6 Euros starting from the October 2018. As a result of the public listing, which was done in a rushed manner, the ERC20 token appears to be very much doubtful. This also suggests that OFC virtual assets will not be dissimilar from the original OneCoin which is assumed to be openly traded Ponzi coin.

As the report published in the Bitcoin Exchange Guide, by and large, one of the most relevant questions anyone would ask the moment is the reason behind the introduction of the OFC tokens. The company is now hoping, this is a step in the right direction for a better-quality level of bitcoin market price constancy.

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