Korean Cryptocurrency Partners With Coinzip To Offer Crypto Token In Philippines

Digital Gold Exchange (DGE), a South Korea based electronic gold exchange, is getting gold-based virtual currency in the Phillippines market. The company recently launched the Midas Touch Gold a crypto token backed by real gold reserves in Korea. Under the partnership, prospective investors in the Philippines can buy TMTG tokens on

According to Nathan Ryu, the chief executive officer of Digital Gold Exchange (DGE) TMTG aims for a hyperconnected society and has functioned tough to build an ecosystem that attains effective values of real assets through decentralized blockchain. TMTG tokens might be converted into digital gold bars that could then be exchanged in actual gold bars and brought to an investor’s doorstep.

The company has decided to concentrate on gold which is extensively used and recognized internationally as monetary and property assets. With the crypto token, it can represent a particular asset or a utility on a blockchain. DGE is the platform which allows users to purchase digital gold bars using their TMTG cryptocurrency.

Ryu further added that through this collaboration with, the company will be able to increase its reach to a broader market and to the customers, by offering more users with access to a simple-to-use cryptocurrency exchange where TMTG can easily be bought, sold or traded.

Coinzip gives its users a safe ecosystem to use other crypto tokens, as stated in GMA News Online. At present, it trades with the major coins such as BTC, ETH, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin and now it is TMTG. Over the past two years, in the Philippines, the adoption of cryptocurrency has been increasing quickly. From the recent data from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the trading volume between cryptocurrencies and the Philippine peso has been crawling towards the $40-million mark in the first quarter of 2018, as per the news published in Philstar. Users who obtain TMTG tokens through can then be used on the DGE platform to purchase digital gold bars, which can be exchanged with actual gold bars by DGE, or trade with other users.

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