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Komodo Launches Dedicated KMD Crypto Exchange With CoinSwitch

The Komodo platform has been making some significant partnerships recently. The company, which is particular in cross-chain contracts, nuclear swaps and a launch pad for blockchain entrepreneurs has had a great year and has recently announced two new partnerships with companies that can improve the reach and the excellence of the services provided by the company through third-party integration. It has launched KMD crypto exchange with CoinSwitch.

Initially, Komodo announced that the KMD token has been combined into CoinFlip’s network of cryptocurrency ATMs. Komodo has had a fruitful year emerging their ecosystem. CoinFlip is the very first partner revealed by the company and will help in the integration of Komodo and its KMD tokens with the network of ATMs managed by CoinFlip.

The business development manager at Komodo, Jason Brown, confirms that there are only a few techniques to enter altcoins from fiat or to change them from altcoins back into fiat, and so a huge part of the users of the company are being kept out of this market as this influences the investors of the company. He further stated that this is the reason it was considered to be an important collaboration of the company, as reported in CryptoNinjas.

The second partnership that was held by Komodo was with a crypto exchange company called CoinSwitch. Both companies have teamed up to launch a KMD committed platform that will let the users trade KMD at the lowermost possible rate without having to register in any centralized crypto exchange to do it.

Komodo Platform basically works like a search engine for crypto exchange. It is continuing to collaborate with many projects, one of it is Pungo, which is backed by the capital raised in the crowdfunding and is now available for download for Android users. As Komodo platform remains to build upon its history of innovation, it is known to be one of the most operative methods to make Komodo’s cutting-edge technology treasured and valued, as stated in a report published in Komodo Platform.

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