RBI and government have done a lot to dishearten crypto trading in India. From notices to banking ban the whole thing was done, excluding for the banning of crypto trade completely. But cryptocurrency in India, though, didn’t move or bow down

However, experts believe that cryptocurrencies have the competence to exceed safety susceptibilities of India banking system. Many things have gone into the expansion of Koinex Loop which is aimed at providing a legitimate alternative so as to safeguard and protect our users against the twisted and apprehensive transaction approaches available for the exchange of digital assets.

Linking up the principles of decentralization, trust, security, data privacy and ease-of-use, Loop will complete the full circle for digital assets trading in India.

In combination with the Crypto trading strips on Koinex, the P2P transaction network will allow all users to exchange their authorized currency into a digital asset and vice versa without compromising on the continuous experience that they are used to.

Koinex Loop

Loop ensures that the legit and confirmed reserves made by Indian investors’ don’t turn into lifeless assets and lets individuals to find the correct value. The absence of open-minded regulations lets bad actors penetrate a genuine industry. It also guarantees that genuine investors and traders don’t fall victim to such scammers in an impetuous and irresponsible attempt at protecting their investments.

Similarly like Loop, Koinex has also recently announced a Peer-to-peer platform called Koinex Loop that will enable crypto-fiat trades similar to that of WazirX.

The transformational expedition of the Indian blockchain industry has started and it has become a forefront of it. Throughout this tough time, while sincere efforts are been made for expressing regulations for the complete industry with the regulators, Koinex provides a one-stop solution to keep the industry thriving with the release of Loop.

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