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KICKICO (KICK) Officially Added To CoinBene Exchange

The CoinBene exchange has officially added KICKICO (KICK) – the blockchain-based crowdfunding platform. This announcement was shared in an open letter by KICKICO founder Anti A. Danilevski. The letter also mentions a new mysterious project in the pipeline.

The CoinBene exchange was launched in September 2017. It has recently become one of the most important crypto exchanges in the world with a trading volume competing with OKEx, Huobi, and Binance.

With this new CoinBene listing, the KICK token will be exposed to one of the most liquid crypto markets. It will also expose the highly promising project to an entire set of new audience and investors in Asia, which houses the world’s most important crypto population.

Owing to its revolutionary Proof-of-Trading (PoT) fee structure, CoinBene has become a fast-rising superstar in the crypto space. It refunds fees using the traded token, as compared to traditional exchanges which charge a percentage fee.

KICK will commence with two markets, to begin with, KICK/BTC and KICK/ETH. KICKICO in association with CoinBene is also organizing a trading competition with over $100,000 in KICK tokens as prize money. Based on KICK trading volumes, the competition will see the top 50 traders walk away with the prize money.

KICKICO Mysterious Project

The KICKICO team has also shared a teaser with investors by announcing yet another mysterious project being in the pipeline. This project apparently relates to an existing and working product in which Anti A. Danilevski, the CEO is involved as an advisor and an investor.

According to a Stock Gazette report, the mysterious project that is being developed by a completely new team is aimed towards significantly improving premium, crypto-based crowdfunding globally.

Presently, the billion-dollar crowdfunding industry is dominated by centralized and fiat-based companies and ecosystems. This project will leverage the KICK token as a payment option and reward system. It will dramatically increase the KICK token’s liquidity.

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