Karatgold Coins Is New Cryptocurrency To Invest In

Cryptocurrency has a new crypto member apart from the old trending coins known as the Karatgold Coins that one may think of new cryptocurrency to invest in their future. Karatgold Coin was founded by Harald Seiz, CEO of Karatbars International, in March 2018. It is a substantial element in the world of virtual money when cryptocurrency is related to gold. Gold has been a vital investment and tangible in the world of cryptocurrency, even retained the best stable position even in economic crisis.

Gold is a precious metal and will always have the value for it. It has been part of the cultures and society for centuries and cannot be taken away. The only issue while using gold or for payment method today is that gold is only available bars and coins with higher value. Buying these bars or coins has never been a practical idea, and so Harald Seiz Karatgold Coins address these issues.

Direct trading for Karatgold is not possible so investors have to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum through as they deal in US dollars such as Changelly, Gemini or GDAX. Karatgold Coins’ total supply is 12,000,000,000 tokens globally, as it is the new cryptocurrency to invest in the crypto market. HitBTC, Coinbe, YoBit and Coinsuper are the cryptocurrency exchanges from where the coins can be bought.

Karatbars International makes gold available by breaking down the golds into small units. In the book “The Future Of Money” written by Hiez defines about the benefit and features of the market strategy where gold can build up a secured and stable relation between government and crypto market that may diminish due to political involvements leading to the break down of crypto trading, as published in Crypto Ninjas.

According to Fair Field Current, Karatgold Coin has traded 3.9 % dollars low against the US dollars during last 24 hours at 20:00 pm on 12th January. Value of Karatgold Coin may be bought at $0.0218 or 0.00000584 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges as new cryptocurrency to invest in cryptocurrency market.

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