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Justin Sun Hopeful Of Exploring Innovative Ways In Blockchain Industries With Binance

The CEO of TRON Justin Sun is hopeful that together with the Binance it will be able to introduce innovative ways in blockchain industries. Recently, Sun hit the headlines when he donated $3 million to the Binance Charitable Fund (BCF). While answering some of the questions related to his recent donation to BCF platform, Sun stated that the donation is a part of the vision of TRON.

According to SUN, TRON network is not a way for institutions or individuals to gain profit in a short time. Rather it is a way to decentralize the internet yet again. Sun said that his mission is not to seek profit but rather to offer transparency and data privacy back to the user. These are the rights that inherently should go to the people and benefit them.

The crux of the interview was the growing collaboration between TRON and Binance platform. Sun stated that BCF has the same underlying principle like TRON and intends to raise people and uphold the principles that his organization believes in.

According to Sun, the world today needs more platforms like TRON in crypto and blockchain industries for inspiring and influencing and to reach goals. He believes that large organizations such as Binance that share the goals with TRON-like platforms can work together.

While discussing TRON’s possible collaboration with Binance in the crypto world, Sun said that both the firms are open for discussion and intend to work together to offer new and innovative ways. Together they can bring advancement in both the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, CCN reported.

Justin Sun is nothing short of a big celebrity; rather he is a crypto-celebrity, a topmost name in the blockchain industries. The 28-year-old Founder of Peiwo (Callme), former Chief Representative of Ripple, CEO of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent is listed in the Forbes China 30 under 30, Ethereum World News reported. Incidentally, he is the only millennial to complete graduation from the Hupan University of Alibaba-famed Jack Ma.

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