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John McAfee To Introduce His Own Independent Cryptocurrency ‘McAfee Freedom Coin’

John David McAfee is a British-American computer programmer and businessman who wants to introduce a cryptocurrency called McAfee Freedom Coin in this year only.

A crypto equivalent is hoped in the crypto world. This isn’t happened due to the inability to purchase all goods and services with cryptocurrency.

It is stated, “What is needed is a coin disconnected from fiat currencies and from other crypto currencies alike – a coin with zero cash-in value, yet accepted universally. The McAfee Freedom Coin is designed to confront the problem of exchange head on, using a unique paradigm and a new structural concept. It is not based on any commodity nor is it connected to the value or behavior of any external item or entity. The value of the coin will always be zero in relation to any other currency yet it’s natural market value is free, completely, to grow.”

One Twitter Post From John David McAfee:

The British-American computer programmer and businessman John David McAfee was born on 18 September in the year 1945. He is the founder of a software company called McAfee Associates. The software company was set up in the year 1987. He had run the company until the year 1994. A semiconductor manufacturing company called Intel purchased the software company in the year 2011. The software company McAfee Associates is the inventor of the first commercial antivirus software called McAfee. Various enterprise security software are now developed by the company. John David McAfee has also set up a few more companies. Tribal Voice, QuorumEx, and Future Tense Central are the companies, according to John McAfee Wikipedia page.

A new way related to understanding crypto evolution and those mechanisms which kept “Holy Grail of cryptocurrency – economic freedom” reach off, derives its uniqueness, according to the official website of McAfee Freedom Coin.

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