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John McAfee Forming New Party To Run For POTUS, ICO Guru Declares On Twitter

Cybersecurity pioneer and ICO promoter John McAfee announced on Twitter that he will run for president of the United States in 2020, in spite of failing in his last attempt to win the Libertarian Party’s nomination in the year 2016.

McAfee, founder of McAfee antivirus software and crypto advocate is keen to run for the office of President in the next election to be held in 2020. It must be mentioned here that McAfee is very confident that bitcoin price will reach $1 million by 2020. So, when McAfee said that he will start his own party if the Libertarians don’t approach him, his Twitter followers were very excited and offered their instant support. In fact, one tweeter even donated an “organic token,” equivalent of nearly $390.85, to his campaign. Another follower created a logo and campaign slogan that said: “McAfee 2020 For A Secure Future.”

Back in the year 2015, McAfee had announced his plan to run in the 2016 presidential campaign and had also formed the Cyber Party. He had then claimed that privacy was under attack and governments across the globe are out of touch. He later announced that he would join the Libertarian Party and hoped to win the party’s presidential nomination. However, it was former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson who ultimately secured the Libertarian Party nomination.

John McAfee to use his own funds

When McAfee was asked on Twitter if he would ask the community for money or run with his own cash, McAfee replied that he plans to use his own money.

McAfee’s influence in the crypto space

McAfee was always interested in cybersecurity, which is a key feature of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In fact, he is all set to launch a physical cryptocurrency called the “McAfee Redemption Unit” (MRU).

Today, John McAfee is highly influential in the crypto space and often promotes altcoins. He apparently charges $105,000 per tweet for which he has been heavily criticized. Check out his Twitter post expressing his plan to run for the 2020 presidential election below.

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